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Blondinette is a tunic with a folk spirit. An invisible button placket, dropped shoulders and a neckline and cuffs finished with cords confirm its bohemian chic look.

A unique and rewarding project that you will have as much pride in carrying out as in wearing.

We advise you to use fine to medium materials such as viscose, cotton and fine linen.

Supplies needed:

Long sleeve version:

Fabric (width 140 cm): 190cm (XS>L) or 230cm (LL>XXXL)

Short sleeve version:

Fabric (width 140 cm): 150cm (XS>L) or 185cm (LL>XXXL)

For both versions:

Iron-on interfacing: 70 x 90 cm (optional)

Cord or lace: 170 cm (optional)

6 buttons ø 10 to 12 mm

Explanations in French with sketches.

Sizes provided from XS to XXXL (34/36 to 48/50)

Intermediate level.

Full size pattern, ready to cut.

Seam allowances included

Sewing Pattern - Cousette - Blondinette Blouse

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