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Fabric Composition: 100% Cotton

Fabric Dimensions: 90cm x 112cm

Fabric Weight: 148g

Please note: This fabric is a panel.

DB2 Clement the Cockerel Panel by Delphine Brooks for Lewis and Irene. All of the fabric required is printed on each individual panel as well as the main piece to ‘fill’ with the fabric as desired. Comprehensive instructions are also written on each of the panels along with an image showing a suggested finish.

The Farmyard Collection by Delphine Brooks is an exciting collaboration between Delphine Brooks and Lewis & Irene. The first series of digitally printed panels. With a farmyard theme, will satisfy your love of country life and the panels look stunning as a wall hanging or made into cushions. There are lots of possibilities!

Fabric Panel - Delphine Brooks - Lewis And Irene - Clement The Cockerel Panel

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