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Fabric Composition: 96% Cotton 4% Elastane

Fabric Width: 150 cm

Fabric Weight: 250gsm

Fabric Care: Machine wash at 30*c Medium iron. Do not tumble dry.

See You at Six French terry fabric in stunning spring summer Wild Flowers print is perfect layering fabric for sewing jumpers, sweatpants, cardigans and jogging bottoms.

This summery print features clusters of flowers which measure between 3-15cm.

As always, no See You at Six collection would be complete without dyed to 2×1 ribbing in Cloud white.


Priced by the metre. Available to purchase in half metre increments. Eg to order 1 metre choose 2, to order 1.5 metres choose 3, to order 2 metres choose 4 and so on.

French Terry - See You At six Fabrics - Cloud White

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