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Herbier is a classic blouse, but with a Lise Tailor’s twist. Featuring a chelsea collar and cute details such as loops for fastening, Herbier is a piece with character and refinement. The sleeves are lightly gathered, highlighting pretty cuffs that offer this garment with a unique personality. Be it the retro way, tucked in a high-waisted pants, or worn on a chic tailored pants, Herbier gives you freedom to choose your very own style. This pattern challenges the techniques that you’ve learnt and thus creating a garment that is unique and enduring.

Sewing level: Intermediate

The pattern includes:

– a detailed booklet providing a simple and pragmatic step-by-step, illustrated guide

– a full size pattern (from size 34 to 48 in Enveloppe and from size 34 to 52 in pdf – Seam allowances are included)

– all the above in a custom designed envelope with adorable scalop finish.

Sewing Pattern - Lise Tailor - Herbier Shirt

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